Whilst Scott's favourite place is ripping it up in the waves in front of his house at Curl Curl Australia, he is equally passionate about capturing the life and energy of our environment with his camera.

One of the originators of the extreme sport and lifestyle genre of photography, Scott has been instrumental in creating visual identities for the major Australian street and surf-wear companies that grew out of 80's into the international success stories that they are today. Billabong, Quiksilver and Roxy collaborated extensively with Scott to tap into the youth market of music, skating, snowboarding, surfing and fringe culture to create a connection for the mainstream market.

His appreciation of beauty and cultural differentiation is interpreted in his photography by his uncanny ability to capture and interpret the moments that truly define the culture, event, place, person or emotion that he is shooting. His fluid, energetic images express a depth and intensity that has made him a favorite photographer of many commercial and editorial clients worldwide.

Whilst he has been on the road most of his professional life, his expertise and commitment to the technical details of the production of the image are uncompromising.

The notoriety and relationships that evolved out of Scott's international career have translated into an extensive portfolio of celebrity clients. Crossing sports, fashion, film and music genres, Scott continues to get unparalleled access to events, locations and interesting people worldwide.

Also a spectacular underwater photographer, Scott's images display an extraordinary vitality that mainstream lifestyle and beauty clients love to utilise and capture for their own successful advertising campaigns.


1. Sprite
2. Amex
3. Burton
4. Volvo
5. Gravis
6. Loreal
7. Quiksilver
8. Salomon
9. Analog
10. Biotherm
11. Boost
12. Rossignol
13. Billabong
14. Lange
15. Spy
16. Bogner
17. fire+ice
18. Buff Beauty
19. Odyssey20/20
20. Nixon
21. Redbull
22. Diesel
23. Bavaria Yachts
24. Arnette
25. MBF Insurance
26. Luxottica
27. Lancome
28. Nestle

1. Sports Illustrated
2. Stuff [USA]
3. Australian style
4. Paperplane
5. GQ
6. Harpers
7. Lifelounge
8. Glamour [Germany]
9. Monster Children
10. Mens Style
11. Raygun [USA]
12. Beach culture [USA]
13. 9.5 [USA]
14. Surfing world
15. Bike [USA]
16. Snowboarder [USA +Aust]
17. Snow country [USA]
18. Snow [Germany]
19. Snowsurf [France]
20. Transworld [USA)
21. The Surfers Journal [USA]
22. Big Brother [USA]
23. Water [USA]
24. Thrasher [USA]
25. Outdoor [South Africa]
26. Trip [Brazil]
28. Telstra
29. St George

1. Blower [burton snowboards anthology]: Builtto Grind...25 years of skateboarding
2. Billabong-only a surfer: The Mountain and The Wave-The Quiksilver Story
3. Wind over water: Creedler Chronicles [Volcom book]

2 x winner Crystal Awards for Photographers - Austria 2000 and Switzerland 2001

1. Russell Crowe
2. Beastie Boys
3. Kelly Slater
4. Katalyst
5. AC/DC
6. Andy Irons
7. Ben Harper
8. Megan Gale
9. Jack Johnson
10. Tony Hawk
11. Shaun White
12. Layne Beachley
13. RuCL
14. Koby Abberton