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Girl meets world fanfiction maya gets beat up

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The two are best friends. Back in Texas, Lucas and Zay were best friends until Lucas was expelled from school after getting into a fight caused by Zay running his mouth off. Afterward, when Lucas' dad was transferred to New York City in the beginning of the series, Zay was never mentioned until his first appearance in Girl Meets the Secret of Life after his dad was also transferred to New York City. When Maya asks Zay if Lucas and him were really best friends back in Texas, Zay responds that 'there were never better friends'.

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I Thought You Were Smaller — Stupid Protective Fathers

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Topanga Matthews was a smart woman. If you miss me then you should do something about it. Get out of my head. I made your hair a mess. You can keep the apartment. Take me anywhere. I wish I was smarter. You should know me by now. I struggle with connection.

You said I should move on. You said I was weak. We all hear you. Did you stop believing me? Meet me at the terminal.

I had to give you away. You are who you are. This is actually Hell. Do you feel guilty about it? This is not how I wanted you to see me. I like the way you look in my house. You used to be fiery. Choke on it. Just a pinch of salt. I wish I knew where you were. This is the last time you leave me.

He threw out my picture of you. We smoked too much last night. Nothing good happens after 2 AM. It must have been strange to see him shut down. Stop overanalyzing everything I say! She will leave you. I still have your sweater. The really big black one. Let her be.

If you feel bad, I do, too. I wanted to do this peacefully. There were so many red flags. Just lift my skirt. Everyone misses you. Pretend to sleep. I thought you would want me back. Call me home. Were you laughing at me? It was a matter of time. Just driving up to the house made me nervous.

Are you strong enough? Let me be alone tonight. You make hurting people seem very easy. You want me to kiss you again. I saw your name on a bathroom wall. Sometimes I miss you. She is sleeping. How can I explain? We just met! Settle down. Nobody noticed before. Get off your fucking phone. You started this fight, end it. You have your reasons. There she goes again. I might come back, I might not. Why is she wearing your clothes? It could have been any one of us. That was the moment I knew.

Got any more excuses? Open your eyes! He took a picture. I waited up for you five seperate times. Make me understand then. If we only had the time. This is not healthy. Does anyone really know him? I am not listening to this. Loving you stopped being fun. You started it! End of discussion. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then.

Specially then! I knew it the first time I saw you, and you know it, too. I know you do. Not anymore. First one to fall sleep buys the other dinner. Just please, stop talking to me.

All the other tables are full. How you gonna reach me, shortie? It is EVIL. Did you mean it? Please take it or I will start crying right here. How am I supposed to forgive myself for that? Like pizza. Too drunk to drive. Alright, here you go. Let me know what you think. Not happening. I will not have that as a sister-in-law. Let the kids live. Their ride to the game was relatively uneventful, but when they got to the game things changed. Just a friend buying another friend food.

It was between the third and fourth quarters and the kiss cam came on the jumbotron.

Lucas and Maya

Lucas is studying at NYU to become a veterinarian, his dream since the sixth grade. But as dumb as it was, the statement was true. But he ended up being dragged to some by Riley and Zay, along with the rest of his friends. Lucas would act like he thought it was gross, but he secretly really enjoyed the strange yet hilarious exchanges with the fiery blonde. Maya had just broken up with her boyfriend, Josh, and was planning on drinking heavily and getting wasted.

Dinner was a lot different now that Shawn lived with them in a whole new apartment. And we just went over notes in Chemistry so it was really easy and relaxed. Lunch was great, as usual ever since they got that new lunch lady.

I'd like to start off by saying that this is my first GMW fic, so bear with me. I don't have a great record with finishing chapter fics but I'm going to try. So for the purposes of this story, his name is Jackson Friar. Lastly, I'd like to say that the cover image for this story is an edit by "lucaya.

Lucas and Zay

Please leave reviews and suggestions, not only for my writing but also for the story line its self. We ride the subway to school, have every class together, ride back to her house on the subway and spend the rest of the evening sitting at the bay window in her room. My best friend. My soul sister. The one person that can center me. The one person that can keep me from doing things I shouldn't. We had just been shopping for our Halloween costumes and now we were ready for food. You promised!

Lucas Friar & Maya Hart — Lucas takes care of drunk Maya oneshot

She ran out of the school and through the courtyard. She was most likely going to outrun Farkle if he tried. He knew this as he stood at the school's exit. He decided to rush around the school and use the backdoor.

Topanga Matthews was a smart woman. If you miss me then you should do something about it.

Maya's face was healing nicely- although there was still a very obvious scar- and she'd finally fully recovered her voice, and now when she saw Jeremy in the streets he wouldn't look her in the eye- guess he wasn't all that drunk after all. The one major this that Maya hated about this was how people saw her so much differently now. Lucas, Riley, and Farkle all danced around her as if she were this delicate little flower that they needed to be careful around because if they got too close she would wilt away. This was bothersome mainly because Maya spent her entire life leading people to believe she was this strong, secure, girl who didn't take any crap from anyone.

Aside from the broken lamp lying on the floor flickering, Maya's room was completely dark. The room though it was hard to tell, was a mess; pictures that previously occupied the wall now lay shattered on the floor, though a certain hand made winter tree painting still clung for its life on that white cream wall. The bed no longer looked comfortable, for it had been tossed aside and was now on its side facing the wall.

I just want to know one thing. How exactly is the Minkus Foundation funding the Maya Hart charity fund? Isn't he broke now? Or did he get rich again so that he could work less, spend more time with his kid, have less, and give money to charity? I'm so confused. Near the end, Minkus has ONE line that includes "i bet on the right thing," and that his investment hadn't actually failed.

They are mainly known as Lucaya. Maya first noticed Lucas on the subway and had a "relationship" with him for less than a minute. It was later revealed that Lucas is in the same history class with her. Maya started sitting in front of him and their relationship is filled with banters and arguments which they have both acknowledged as a "game". Overall, they get along and it has been shown that they value each other's opinion and care for each other's feelings. The writers of the show have hinted to them as a possible pairing multiple times on their Twitter. In Girl Meets Creativity , Lucas and Maya share a moment in the classroom when Lucas gets upset about the school taking away the art class and Lucas standing up for Maya and telling her to fight to let the school keep it, saying he cares about her happiness. It is revealed that Lucas used to refer to Maya as "the blonde beauty".

Jul 23, - But just as he starts to get up, the door bursts open. He sees Farkle girl meets world characters as buzzfeed unsolved quotes. Maya: image.

Author's Note: So Riley got beat up pretty badly the question is…Who did it? Disclaimer: Gee I wonder what I might say here! Lucas was tending to Riley's very well, placing ice on her black eye but needed to find out what was going on with her stomach and leg. Lucas sat on his bed where Riley was laying. She looked terrible with the black eye, the bruises on her face and some even on her arms.

A Drop in the Ocean, by Ron Pope. I sing along for a while, until I just stop. I don't even notice that I stop until a different song is playing. I get up to change the song when my phone buzzes.

Hi guys! So after watching Girl Meets World I was really interested about Maya's character, and decided to make a fanfic about everything. So this is basically a couple years into the future and the girls are 15 and in 10th grade.

Author's Note: Do you want me to update sooner?

No editing, so lmk about glaring errors. She glanced up at the clock. Three thirty. Riley shut the door behind her with a quiet click. They had to be in here somewhere.



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