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Worry and concern laced into his words, "Yeah-"I hesitate because I'm lying. I hear some ruffling of the sheets as if he's sitting up straight in his bed. Do I need to come over? I wipe my eyes and inhale, not realizing how shaky it would be. I know it is but I can't help but be sad that my parents are leaving tomorrow morning.

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Worry and concern laced into his words, "Yeah-"I hesitate because I'm lying. I hear some ruffling of the sheets as if he's sitting up straight in his bed. Do I need to come over? I wipe my eyes and inhale, not realizing how shaky it would be. I know it is but I can't help but be sad that my parents are leaving tomorrow morning. We just said goodbye, and Auggie is heartbroken now.

He'll be fine, and I will be too. I guess I just needed a distraction, I didn't want to cry myself to sleep. I wonder if he'd ever tell me. I know that isn't comforting because they will be away but think of all the great things they will be doing. It feels as if I'm deceiving Maya, I hope she won't be mad. Unless you were wanting to get some sleep.

Suddenly I'm very awake, well not awake but I know I won't be sleeping anytime soon. My mind reeling over the events of tonight. So you won't have to pick me up anymore. Furrowing my brows, I want to ask why he cares but decide against it. Mentally I'm throwing a party, but I have to come off as composed. I've gotten a little better this week at controlling myself… kind of. Plus that's extra gas mon-". I want to do this, I want to pick you up in the morning and take Auggie and you both to school so please-just let me.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was about a step away from begging. Even though I know better I'm going to believe it and smile, "Okay you can pick us up. Auggie will be thrilled. Biting my lip I stop myself from shouting 'yes' at the top of my lungs. Instead I reply with a, "You know it. Laughing on both ends of the phone I clear my throat, "Yes I will be overjoyed seeing you in the morning Lucas Friar.

I don't ever go to parties, mostly because Missy told me she'd end me if I ever went to an event where my social status could possibly rise. And the other half is because I don't drink, and since I don't really grope on total strangers while dancing it isn't really my place to hang. My heart begins to beat incredibly fast, "L-like a date? I'm as red as a firetruck. He laughs, "That's really sweet but it isn't a good idea for me to go to a party. When he's sad he looks like a little child, it's pretty adorable.

And I thought that before I realized I kind of sort of have feelings for him. Oh God he thinks the reason I don't want to go is him, "Lucas it has nothing to do with you.

I don't drink or dance with random people I don't know. Besides the only thing at parties is drama. Please don't force me into this, nothing good comes from parties. Unless you're one of the lucky ones, but unfortunately I am not. As for the 'drama' I'll keep you safe and sound sweet cheeks. No harm will come to you. I wasn't really worried about 'harm' but hey I'll take it.

I've never been to a party but one my freshman year. I'm acting like a little school girl. I just needed the braided pig tails and the plaid skirt to go along with my demeanor. I disgust myself. If I don't go with a date all the single ladies will be… inappropriate with me.

That's why he wanted me to go. I guess I can be proud that he chose me to ward off other women with, and the fact he's warding off other women. But then again, I guess I kind of wanted him to hang out with me just because he wanted to.

Who am I kidding? He's followed me around since he moved back, this is not the time for me to throw a pity party. I have Maya on speaker this morning as I run a straightener through my hair, ever since Lucas has been driving me to school, Josh has been taking her. That definitely threw me off because as previously mentioned I despise change. I hate that it's inevitable and has to happen.

For almost 2 years we'd wake up together, get ready for school together and we'd drive their together. Than boys had to go and ruin it all. I wish I still had the mentality of 'boys having cooties'. I remember in 3rd grade when a boy kissed Maya, I had to give her like 4 cootie shots before she thought she'd be okay. Oh when things were simpler. That's why I had to tell you I felt guilty.

I fell asleep talking to him around 1 o'clock. Not quite sure why he didn't just hang up we hadn't spoken for a long time and I had set my phone on speaker on my nightstand so I could properly sprawl out on my bed.

Darby and Yogi are going. Smackle and Farkle are going on a date. Rolling my eyes I give her a quick goodbye and search my closet. This morning was interesting, I had to go wake up my brother and made sure he got ready for school before I got ready. That alone was a task seeing as he sleeps like a hibernating bear. Funnily enough, after 15 minutes of annoying the crap out of him all I had to say was Lucas was picking us up and he sprinted to the shower.

So now as I look through my closet I'm curious as to what I'm going to wear for school since my outfit for tonight is apparently picked out already. Snatching a pair of jeans that actually fit me I slide those on and cuff the bottoms before putting on my handy vans.

I guess I like the way they look plus they're comfortable. Just in case I get in trouble, since you can sort of see my bandeaux bra I grab my hoodie. I haven't worn this thing in a good while. Flipping my straightened hair over my shoulder, I put both my bag and Auggie's on my shoulder before banging on his door. My little brother is styling and profiling. Dark wash jeans, a white tee under a blue plaid button up.

Pretty fly. Oh brother, I'm punny. You look great. We just wanted to tell you both one more time how much we're going to miss you! We love you with all of our hearts and we will contact you as often as possible.

Please be good to each other… of course you will be who are we kidding? Seeing as we knew you'd forget, there's a bag by the front door for Auggie's stay with grandma and grandpa already packed. All he needs is his toothbrush. Love you both. Surprisingly I didn't tear up, I just love how much they care for us.

They prepare for the worst. Seconds later the toothbrush is in the bag and we're out the door. The elevator dings letting us know we're in the lobby and I see a patiently waiting Lucas Friar before I even have the chance to respond to him.

You look great man. Auggie is beaming and glances at me with hopeful eyes. I take the opportunity to give him an 'I told you so' look. I shake my head and stifle a yawn because that would be incredibly attractive, "You're doing us a favor the least we could do is come down to you. He smirks and tosses his arm over my shoulder as we step outside. Yuck, it's going to be rainy and gross out here today. Dark grey clouds hang overhead and I can smell the rain about to pour.

I love the rain, when I'm at home and snuggled with a blanket. Not when I have to walk in it. A chaste kiss is placed on my temple, and while blushing a deep red I glance at him.

I guessed I missed you again. First I wanted to say Happy Birthday princess. I can't wait to see you in roughly 19 hours. Good night sweet cheeks, I love you so much and I hope you have the best dreams.

When you know you've screwed up and like I mean really know, you feel guilty. You want to make it up to that person, you want to apologize over and over and chances are that person forgives you before you even forgive yourself. Let me give you a 'for instance'; Darby took a bag of my Cheetos that I had in my locker last year, I was pretty mad.

I really enjoy oxygen and breathing. Wonder what that feels like now. We have all missed you so much! I don't say that she saw me every morning and most evenings since they'd randomly show up at my home but I don't. Snaking my arms around her neck, we squeeze one another tight and without even thinking twice about it I climb up her like a stripper on a pole and wrap my legs around her waist.

And yes, I lost my virginity to Lucas Gabriel Friar. The man who tormented me and pranked me for years, has become the man I love unconditionally and can see myself spending the rest of my life with. Granted, we've only been together for almost 2 months and haven't really had any difficulties but I can see it. If I wasn't sure about that I wouldn't have given myself to him entirely. Yesterday, was the second greatest day of my life, the first being Halloween. The day I officially became his girlfriend and we officially said 'I Love You'. Oh and it did hurt, like really bad but the pleasure you experience after the jolt of pain is so worth it. But I also have a low tolerance for pain. However, I can't bring myself to regret being with him — not that I'm trying — aside from the soreness in between my legs.

It's a Monday. A particularly heinous day of the week, not to mention the first day of school. Now do you understand why I groaned? Why must the school system be so cruel? Why must there be a school system?

Lucas kept a hand on my leg the entire time we were driving back to my house. I didn't mind it, though after that traumatic experience I probably should have.

Whenever you've known someone, or been in love with someone like I've known and loved Riley then you know all their little tells. When she's annoyed her little nose will scrunch up, and she doesn't even realize she's doing it. Anyone else would just think that she smelt something bad because the rest of her face would remain impassive.

Her green eyes brighten before showing me a piece of paper. Want to help? She pretends to look around like it's a big secret. I look down and feel my cheeks turn red.

Maya ended up kicking him out about two hours later to get ready for the Halloween party. I can't wait to see my friends so I can thank them profusely for what they did. That's what they have been doing for the past week and three days, prepping for the day Lucas finally asked me out. And I say finally because it has been almost a month since we went on our first date. But honestly, if he had come back and immediately tried to develop a relationship other than friendship I may have pushed him away, thank God he didn't do that. Anyways, Maya is currently curling my hair and complaining about the fact she no longer has fingerprints.


Jun 8, - The world is safe once again, all in a day's job as Catwoman. Putting my ears His fingers jut my chin back up, "what'd I tell you sweet cheeks?








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