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Girl sparring partner

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This is the extended version of a short article called ' Face Value ' which appears in the April issue of Primo Life magazine. While I am still new to the sweet science, these are some of the tips I've put together from my own experience, and from chatting to other women. This entry is focused towards female boxers, but many of the principles are universal to beginners. It seems extremely silly now, but putting on mascara and a bit of blush every day is such a deeply ingrained habit that I put it on before going to my ever first boxing session.


Female sparring partner

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This is the extended version of a short article called ' Face Value ' which appears in the April issue of Primo Life magazine. While I am still new to the sweet science, these are some of the tips I've put together from my own experience, and from chatting to other women.

This entry is focused towards female boxers, but many of the principles are universal to beginners. It seems extremely silly now, but putting on mascara and a bit of blush every day is such a deeply ingrained habit that I put it on before going to my ever first boxing session. I never did it again. Between the sweat pouring off me and the punches to my face, within minutes my eyes were smeared and irritated. Waterproof mascara is not an alternative either as the gritty bits of coating break down and get in your eyes.

Keep your face clean, and keep your hair out of your face too. Getting punched in the face is actually a very small part of boxing. As a beginner, you will spend most of your time at the gym running, skipping, doing squats and pushups, and throwing medicine balls around. The only time you are at risk of really being socked is during free sparring, which is only a small part of the training.

That is what fights are for, and they come much later if ever. Professional and semi pro boxers and MMA fighters train at my gym, and until recently one of them was our coach.

As a result, the bar is set very high, even for the twelve-year-old kids, office workers and debutantes, like me. It is exciting and inspiring to train in the same room as professionals and a great challenge, but it can also be intimidating, and sometimes you will feel that the impossible is being asked of you.

I'd played sports my whole life and had spent the previous few years playing roller derby at a high level in Australia and France, but this didn't prepare me for the intensity and variety of training that is boxing. As a woman, you will almost certainly begin with lower muscle density than men and you may just not be able to do everything asked of you. So what can you do?

Find alternatives. For example, at my first session I was only able to tremble through two 'man' pushups before I had to switch to knee pushups. Over time I increased the number until I was mostly keeping up with the boys.

There is nothing wrong with modifying or slowing down your exercises if you simply can't do them, but be honest with yourself. Are you truly unable? Or do you just not want to push yourself? Then stop immediately. We are taught 'don't hit' from a very young age and old habits die hard but you need to get used to the idea that you are deliberately hitting people in the face and body, and that they are doing the same to you.

Someone who is constantly apologizing and wincing with every hit they land is not an interesting sparring partner. The reflexive 'sorry! On the flip side, it is OK to apologize if you accidentally hit illegally for example, get someone in the head when you are supposed to only be working on the body At my gym, the traditional punishment for this is to let your partner hit you once in the guts.

You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You want respect? You want to be taken seriously? You better work. My gym is predominately male, and in a blue-collar side of town. Although this gaze was never hostile, simply curious, I knew that it would take time for me to establish myself. Sadly, many girls and guys who try boxing once or twice are put off and never return, so the regulars don't always make the effort to say hello until they have seen you sweating it out for real week in, week out.

But don't be discouraged by what might feel like a silent treatment. Keeping your head down and working hard will be worth it when you receive the ultimate sign of acceptance: a sparring partner who is not afraid to hurt you.

With the exception of a couple of good female friends and sparring partners, I prefer to work with men. Some women walk into the gym with a defensive attitude, perhaps thinking that they aren't welcome and have to prove themselves. As a result, they let loose on everyone and anyone, including other women who are as new and inexperienced as they are. I once worked with a girl who had an extremely brutal right hook, but zero technique, ability to defend herself, or understanding of the principle of controlled sparring.

I held back and didn't take advantage of her weak defenses, and took blow after jarring blow in what was supposed to be a light spar. After one too many brain-jangling hits yes, I know, I should have been blocking them better I finally lost my temper and got her with my own hard right.

She got a black eye. On a similar vein, while every gym is different, sooner or later you will meet men who will not want to work with you. We are all taught 'don't hit', and boys hear 'especially not girls'. Be aware that by asking a man to spar with you, you are facing someone who may be thinking any of the following;"How can I hit her? She's a girl!

Some men simply cannot bring themselves to punch a woman, but do find sparring with women useful, because they can practice their defensive and anticipatory skills. Everyone has preferred working partners, and it takes time to establish your own. Your trainer should make sure you are mixing in the group and not just working with the other girls, if there are any, but take things into your own hands.

It's rude to refuse an offer to spar, and once everyone sees that you mean business, they will be much more willing to work with you again. On the flip side, flattery can go a long way in the gym. I'm not talking about coquettish flirtation, but simply asking for advice.

If you see a boxer doing something particularly well, find a good moment to ask them about it. You're showing that you have noticed their skills and respect them enough to ask for their opinion, and who doesn't like that?

One thirty-second conversation could resolve why your uppercut isn't landing properly, and you've just made yourself a new buddy. Do you like to dance? If so, treat boxing as you would any other choreography. Good boxers look like they are dancing in the ring. They are light on their feet and move with controlled, fluid movements. I used the years of dancing I did at school to my advantage and spent hours in front of the mirror at home practicing jabs, rights, hooks and upper cuts in slow motion, thinking about where my hands, feet and hips were, how my weight transferred and where to draw the power from.

Boxing may look simple, but posture and technique is paramount, and having a high level of body awareness is a huge asset.

Check your fine self out. In time you are going to be leaner, stronger and more muscular. All the workouts will get easier and your punches will start really landing home. Enjoy watching your body transform into the powerful instrument it is, and pay attention to the new muscles that are popping up.

Those hard things on the back of your upper arms? Those are triceps. Cool huh? Anna Hartley. Anna Hartley is an Australian writer. After seven years in Paris, she is now living in Beijing. She is a staff writer for the Beijinger. Feb 21, Feb 7, Stuck Working From Home? Feb 5, A Brief History of Quarantines. Jan 26, A scenic spin through the hills of southwestern China. Jan 9, Dec 19, Dec 8, Hey You! Aug 24, Aug 10,

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This is a light read, but not a trashy one. I'd heard of a couple of the female serial killers Elizabeth Bathory and Mary Anne Cotton but the rest wre all new and - generally- quite an interesting Read full review. The subject of female serial killers is not one that comes up often in literature, but this book handled the subject well and is aptly named.

But, unfortunately, McGregor is the sole owner of the footage of what went down in the ring when the former WBA welterweight champion agreed to spar 'The Notorious' to prepare him for the daunting challenge of Floyd Mayweather. And McGregor is not going to make that footage public if Malignaggi's claims about the outcome of the sessions are true. Malignaggi insists he dealt with McGregor handily in the latest bout of sparring on Tuesday but the Brooklyn boxer left McGregor's camp that same day after becoming unhappy with how the training was being portrayed on the Irishman's social media.

If you have been going to a gym to learn the art of boxing, sparring is probably one of your favorite parts of the training. Relationships built in combat sports take a huge amount of trust and respect. Something about this dynamic forms a quite remarkable bond between fellow fighters, likening them more to brothers and sisters than training partners or fellow gym-goers. At the end of the day, everyone has their own reasons. Some are there to toughen up, others to beef up; some to learn and others to teach; some to socialize, others with their eyes on competing.

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Looking for a female sparring partner to spar and travel with a 15 year old British girl based in Barcelona. The job would involve working under a very experienced and accomplished male coach. There would be 3 to 4 hours of sparring, fitness and traveling all over the world mainly for junior ITF tournaments etc. The successful candidate will be given furnished accommodation in Barcelona with the tennis facility and beach nearby. Ideally, we are looking for a female ex WTA player who can spar to a high level and follow the instructions of the male head coach. Good starting salary for the successful candidate with a review after 6 months of employment. This is a flexible hours job with around 6 hours of work each day for 5 to 6 days per week with holidays having to be flexible depending on rain days, tournament schedule etc. You must sign in to apply for this position. OrangeCoach is the premier online employment platform in the international sports industry.

The Top 4 Qualities of the Ideal Partner

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. She lowers her head and ploughs forward, swinging from the hips. Her opposite — former Canadian champion Jason Hurst — tries to laugh. Afterward, Hurst, a year-old who works at a local butcher, will walk off aching. Hurst is the most accomplished of her sparring partners.

Dedeker Winston.

I, like many women, have been searching for the ideal partner for a long time. I was looking for the perfect sparring partner. For example, when you forget to make a defensive move after a combination, he immediately retaliates with a counterattack, but focuses on hitting you quickly as opposed to hitting you with brute force.

‘It’s not hitting a girl when you have boxing gloves on,’ says Mary Spencer

Boxer girl Junko - Me and my sparring partner 00 36 38 3K 1 Today. Image size. See More by Girlpunchlover.

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Discussion in ' Boxing ' started by paulbrec , Jan 9, Log in or Sign up. Martial Arts Planet. This weekend, the coach asked me to spar a girl. That bothers me a bit.

Sparring A Girl

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It's witty, snappy and completely devastating to your verbal sparring partner. A woman once said to US President Calvin Coolidge: “I've made a bet with a friend  iMinds - - ‎Philosophy.

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Young woman boxing training with her female sparring partner

Yet despite the secure future that lies ahead, Rachel is suddenly questioning her acquiescence to the strictures of the ton —and her future husband. Stranger still, she is preoccupied with thoughts of Colin Varens, a wholly unsuitable man whose proposals she has rejected several times. But as he and Rachel spend more time together, he finds her once-haughty manner thawing into the warmth and vivaciousness that attracted him so many years ago, just as he is finding a growing strength and confidence of his own. Received an ARC for voluntary review for netgalley.






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