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How to find apartment in london

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Finding an affordable apartment in New York on the other hand is no mean feat. This is a situation which pushes up rental prices and which has forced into being things like rent control and stabilisation programmes. Finding the right rental apartment in NYC then is a hunt and no hunt can proceed without first understanding the lay of the land. If there is one thing you should know before renting an apartment in New York City, it is that you should narrow down your search as soon as possible.

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Flats To Rent in London

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Are you planning on moving to London? So did I, two years ago. I was still living in the Netherlands and applied for my first job abroad in London. I got the role and from there it started: making my first official move to another country.

The hardest part of the entire journey? Renting an apartment in London. It might seem like an easy process, but it becomes challenging when you consider the size of the city! And especially for someone who is making their first move overseas, things can get complicated.

London consists of many different boroughs 32 to be exact — and each borough can be seen as a small city within London. You will probably be wondering:. Now I understand this article is huge more than 10, words in fact , but trust me after reading this, you will be in the best possible position to rent an apartment in London and potentially save yourself some headaches along the way. With the housing prices in London being as high as they are, and the increased requirements from banks to obtain a mortgage, renting, is for most people the only viable option.

The worst part? Renting is freakishly expensive! Obviously, the actual rent takes the bulk of the rental costs. The main expense of living in London will most likely be your rent. Tip: Rents are either expressed as weekly ppw or monthly pcm costs. Important to note is that monthly rental costs are not the same as four weeks worth of rent.

Instead, the monthly rental costs are generally calculated by multiplying the weekly rental costs by 52 number of weeks in a year and then divided by 12 number of months in a year.

These are generally between weeks worth of rent. You got that type of money, you better off buying a place and taking a mortgage! Update: The Tenant Fees Act , introduced new rules that will make it illegal for landlords and agents to charge any of the below fees from 01 June For more guidance, please see this paper. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of time to get it passed the parliament to become law.

When I first moved to London, it was February. It was a good time to move as there were many apartments available to rent. Generally, the most in-demand period for renting an apartment in London is the summer months. It is generally a bit more difficult to find a new home, simply because many people are looking to rent at this time. This has multiple reasons:. If you have a UK or EU passport, you can live and work in London although these days this is also becoming a lingering question in the air due to Brexit.

Landlords and agents will check that you have the right reside before they can enter into a contract with you. My advice is to go straight to the website of the UK government: check here if you need a visa. We already saw that London is a very expensive city to live in.

As a result, the agency or landlord you are renting with, need to be sure that you can pay the rent. Usually, this means that your monthly gross salary has to be at least 2.

If you move in with more people, the total salary requirement can be split between all of you. So, now you know whether you need a visa, and you know that you can afford the rent.

You are now ready for the first big step in your step: finding a place to rent in London. I have divided the section into two parts: where to live in London, and how to search for a home in London. London has a population of almost 9 million people, divided over 32 boroughs. And each of these boroughs has different areas.

How do you know what area is right for you? Our area guide of the most popular places in London will help make your decision easier. The rating includes a scoring for the neighborhood, such as safety, the noise level in the area, and family friendliness. Furthermore, we know our properties very well ourselves, as they all have been inspected. This means that if you need any additional information about a property or its surroundings, you can always a member of our team! Battersea is a very up and coming area within London.

Ideal for : professional couples, middle-class families Transportation zone : 2 Distance to :. Islington is one of those places in London that quickly went from a suburb to an area with high-class status. It features many independent shops, trendy coffee shops, wine bars, and other boutiques. Take a stroll down Upper Street and see what Islington has to offer. Ideal for : professionals, young families Transportation zone : 2 Distance to :. Lambeth is the district in Central London that includes Waterloo.

Ideal for : professionals who work in the city Transportation zone : 2 Distance to :. Perhaps the most fashionable and stylish area of London. Notting Hill is also famous for the films that were set in the area.

Walking around in the area and appreciation the stunning Victorian townhomes is an absolute delight. Ideal for : Wealthy professionals and families Transportation zone : 2 Distance to :. Kensington is one of the more affluent areas in London.

Ideal for : Wealthy individuals and families Transportation zone : 1 Distance to :. Chelsea has been made famous in the 60s by the Rolling Stones and The Beatles and it shows two faces: high-end boutiques on the one side and the fans of Chelsea FC on the other side. Ideal for : Wealthy professionals Transportation zone : 1 Distance to :. Canary Wharf is popular for its skyscrapers of financial institutions being located in the area.

Because the area is so focused on businesses, it can get quiet during the weekend. The area is home to quite a few pubs, mainly used by men in a suit who have their after-work drinks during evening hours.

Ideal for : Professionals working in the city Transportation zone : 2 Distance to :. One of the most photogenetic areas in London, especially famous for Westminster Abbey and the Big Ben. Strolling around the area, you will find tourists with their cameras and policymakers carrying their briefcases. Ideal for : wealthy business owners or politicians Transportation zone : 2 Distance to :.

Do you like to be trendy? Do you like street art and alternative shops? Shoreditch is the right area for you! The area is full of old warehouses that turned into boutiques and art galleries. Ideal for : Creatives Transportation zone : 1 Distance to :. Soho is the epicenter of the part of London that never sleeps.

Enough to entertain yourself for many weekends. Ideal for : Trendsetters and young professionals Transportation zone : 1 Distance to :. If you know anything about British stand-up comedy, you probably have heard of the Appolo — the entertainment venue in Hammersmith where most stand-up comedians have performed at least once in their life. The area is also famous for its riverside pubs — an absolute must do during the summer! Ideal for : Recent graduates, young families Transportation zone : 2 Distance to :.

It features one of the largest shopping malls in Europe, the Westfield. Clapham has been an up-and-coming area since the s. There are many bars and restaurants that will serve each budget and you can always relax in its massive park — the Common.

Ideal for : Young professionals Transportation zone : 2 Distance to :. If you like being a bit alternative now and then, Camden would be a great neighborhood for you.

Belgravia and Knightsbridge are by far one of my personal favorite areas to stroll in. Ideal for : The very wealthy Transportation zone : 1 Distance to :. Living in Victoria means basically being a neighbor of the queen who lives in Buckingham Palace. Victoria sits right between St. Ideal for : High-income young professionals Transportation zone : 1 Distance to :.

Pancras as its main station. Ideal for : Young professionals Transportation zone : 1 Distance to :. Instead, it is an area where cigars are smoked whilst sipping a nice whiskey.

Its restaurants are very high quality, the streets are clean and the architecture is stunning. Ideal for : The wealthy and affluent professionals Transportation zone : 1 Distance to :. Marylebone is an area that breaths high end. Vauxhall has always been a fairly grimy area that suffers from traffic problems. Having said that, the area attracts new developments, and the US embassy will move from Mayfair to Vauxhall. Living in Vauxhall can be stunning — especially with the developments of 9 elms, providing tenants with amazing riverside views.

How To Find A Flat To Rent In London Without Making Yourself Miserable

So if you want to find a nice flat in London right now, you should know these tips. London is a big city with many areas for different kinds of people. This means that you first need to find areas that may be ideal for you. Are you a young professional who wants to move to London?

Unfortunately, it was a lot more involved than spending an afternoon looking at attractive properties and choosing our favorite of the three. Despite all of these challenges, we found the perfect dog-friendly rental in a great neighborhood.

When you move to London , one of the first things you will need to do is to source some accommodation. Many expats choose to rent an apartment more commonly known as a flat in England. Renting has several advantages over buying a property: your monthly payments should be cheaper; bills such as electricity, gas, TV and Council Tax may be included; maintenance is done for you by the landlord or agent and you are not tied for too long in one place should you find work or study opportunities elsewhere. Of course, if you prefer to buy a house, and are able to secure a mortgage and pay a deposit, you should pursue that route, but this article is geared towards expats looking to find an apartment, or flat to rent in London.

The Ultimate Guide to Find a Flat in London

Keyword search allows you to find properties that include specific words e. More about keywords. Cedar Estates are delighted to present this recently redecorated first floor two double bedroom, one bathroom apartment located on Fortune Green Road, within a 10 minute walk of West End Lane and the underground station at West Hampstead Jubilee Line. Listed on 15th May by Upad, E1. A simply stunning 2 bedroom Flat found in London SE8 is available, benefiting from a beautifully represented living space and lively environment. Quick and easy access to the nearby markets and close to local transportation. Studio flat, self-contained on the first floor to rent on Kilburn Lane W9. With floor to ceiling windows offering quite spectacular views towards the City and across London, this sq ft one bedroom apartment on the 10th floor offers an exceptional position within this new development. The property further benefits from

Flats to rent in London

Are you planning on moving to London? So did I, two years ago. I was still living in the Netherlands and applied for my first job abroad in London. I got the role and from there it started: making my first official move to another country. The hardest part of the entire journey?

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The lettings market moves quick, there are loads of websites to check, and let's face it: not every estate agent you meet has your best interest at heart. Here are some simple tips that I learned from working as a letting agent and searching for a flat in London myself:. You probably know this already, but nice flats in London go quickly. It's not unusual for flats to come on the market in the morning, and be taken by the afternoon.

Renting an Apartment in New York



How to rent an apartment in London


Jul 26, - This article will provide you with all the ins and outs of renting an apartment in London. Read on to find out where to live, how to find an.


How to Find a Flat in London: 10 Tips You CAN’T Miss (in 2020)







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