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How to find friend request in wechat

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WeChat things, like usage, tips, message recovery, photo recovery ect. Written by Lotus and from Overblog. My new friend has share me wechat ID to add. Home Contact. Do you know some tips about WeChat friend requests?

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Block Vs. Delete WeChat Contacts: The Differences

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WeChat is all this and much more. On this platform you can also meet new friends, make online payments to obtain services, or send money to other users. This article will only deal with the use of the application for a private user, allowing for the discovery of the functions it has available. Installing this app is really easy, and it can be found in practically all marketplaces including Play Store, App Store, and various Chinese markets.

The platform runs on all the most popular operating systems such as Android, IOS, Windows phone and others. Once your search is complete, choose the right application by selecting it from the list of results, which is unequivocally identifiable by its icon depicting two stylized and rounded little white clouds like something out of a cartoon with eyes, on a white background you could also find a little green cloud and a white one depending on the version.

Alternatively you could start the process I just described through this link , but personally, I would recommend that you go through the market. Once you finish with this procedure, choose the heading for opening the app and start by creating an account, which is essentially your own personal section inside the platform, through which you can take advantage of the various services available.

If, instead you already have an account, just log in with your personal information: user name and password if you forgot your password, you can also access your account through your user name or telephone number, following the guided procedure.

Going back to the registration: after having clicked the registration button, the app will ask you to insert some of your personal information, specifically the area in which you live and your telephone number to which your prefix will automatically be added. If you have a problem receiving the sms, WeChat also has a telephone service that through a registered disc will transmit your verification code via telephone so that you can enter it into the provided spaces.

Later you can also choose an ID, that is a unique user name that will identify only you on the WeChat platform, an could be useful to allow you to be found by your friends in the system, or to log in. At this point the app will ask you if you want your devices contacts to be scanned, because by means of the telephone numbers you can also find all your contacts that are already using WeChat and add them automatically.

One of the main purposes of WeChat is communication, putting you in contact with your friends. Otherwise, just ignore them. How do you send a request? Activating the radar at the same time, you and your friend will be able to find and add each other. This will open your camera with a central square where you can scan the QR code of the person you want to add.

Each profile has its own personal and unique code. To contact a person, you can choose different ways. Here are the main ones: write, record an audio message with a limit of 60 seconds each , or make a call.

Opening the contact list, choose the person you want to contact and choose the method you prefer. To write all you have to do is type in your text through the keyboard that will appear in the box. If one of your contacts gives you trouble you can decide to report them to the app administrators, giving them the reason. If you decide to block a contact, the person will no longer be able to contact you or see your posts. By pressing and holding on the sent or received message, you can also perform a range of operations, such as forwarding the message to other contacts or other applications, copy it, or add it to your favorites.

A particularly useful feature is the ability to retrieve a message. How many times did you send a bad message to the wrong person? Remember, that you only have two minutes to retrieve a newly sent message.

A little like on WhatsApp or Facebook , on WeChat too it is possible to create and participate in groups of people. From here enter the contacts that you want to be part of your group and give the OK. In order to participate in some groups, you might be required to have a bank card connected with your account so as to verify your identity.

To participate in a group you have to be invited. For some groups it will also be necessary to receive approval from an administrator in order to participate. Here you can even change the name that other users in your group see, save the group as a contact or highlight it so that it always shows up on top.

The Chinese love stickers! The market of those available is truly huge! Besides the classic emoticons with yellow faces expressing your mood, you can access a sticker market where you can download the ones you like most. Some you have to pay for, others are free, and every few days another package is released. Often there are holiday themed releases, such as those for the Spring festival. Would you like to give a friend a gift? Send them a red package!

Really convenient for sending money to friends so as to pay the check at dinner or almost any other thing, just choose the amount to send, easily attach a message, and send it to the recipient who only has to open it to receive the money from your WeChat wallet. Increasingly popular is the habit of sending hongbao via group chat, hoping to receive richer packages in exchange. If you also decide to do so, you can choose to have your package opened by more participants of the group, choosing the total sum to spend, the number of packages that can be opened in total, the amount each participant will receive casual or identical and an associated message.

With transferring money you can again send money to your contacts, and the maximum limit is higher than using the hongbao. With video calls on WeChat you can do so for free, just by choosing the video camera icon to make just an audio call or both audio and video.

The quality of the conversations are generally good. Not all stickers can be saved because some are only available in certain markets. This feature can be very useful for sending specific information such as a change in address or telephone number so that all friends receive the same personal message. You can interact with these accounts, read information directly from the account, or read the news that they send you. How do you subscribe? Alternately you can get there though a shared link.

Companies often organize promotional events inside and outside commercial structures, offer discount or test products to anyone subscribing through scanning the QR code. When you publish a post, all your friends unless you turned on the feature that keeps them from seeing your posts , can see it.

Your friends can like or add a comment for each post. Comments are visible only to you and contacts that are common between you and them at the same time. Clicking on the camera icon you can choose whether to send images and videos taken right then or choose one from the image gallery on your phone.

Here you can write a message, and decide who to share it with. WeChat is also an app through which you can meet new people. However not all features are available on all versions. Physically waving your cell phone, you can see people who like you are waving their phone both nearby or throughout the whole world. In simpler words: you can send or receive a message from the entire WeChat network of contacts, including those who are not your own. How does it work? If someone takes your bottle and decides to respond, your notifications will show you their partial contact information with their location, and you can decide whether or not to start a conversation with them and eventually become friends by adding the contact.

Here you can set your user name, display your complete name and QR code and change your profile picture by clicking above and choosing another one from your album or taking one right there.

You can also decide to connect your account with your personal Linkedin account, which will appear on your WeChat account virtual business card.

In the settings section you can also modify a series of aspects so as to make your use of WeChat better suited to your needs. From this section you can change your status, backup your data, cancel your chat history, choose a background, disable the speaker or activate the way you send messages.

Here you can modify all the settings having to do with privacy, and how other contacts can access your profile. With contacts, you can for example limit the ways for getting friend requests and setting blocks ID WeChat, telephone, group chat, QR code or contact card.

Here you can modify all the most general aspects of WeChat, from changing the language of the application to the size of the characters to maintenance of the archive and cleaning the memory , to viewing the use of data, even WeRun a feature that when activated counts your steps: your results can also be compared with those of your friends that use it. I recommend that you visit this section to change the safety settings of your personal account.

From here you can set a password and vocal fingerprint, to avoid your account being compromised by other users. An example: how to retrieve your password? To log out from your account, all you have to do is press the disconnect button from this section. One of the features that makes WeChat such an innovative application is being able to literally use it as a virtual wallet for online operations.

The first step for fully enjoying this function is to connect a credit card to your WeChat account. Fill it all out, accept the conditions after reading them and move on. If you want you can add more than one card by following the same procedure. At this point your card is connected and you can take advantage of the services listed below. The majority of services are provided by third parties. There are many expenses you can pay by means of your WeChat wallet, or the card associated with it.

Think about going to a restaurant without having to bring your wallet or credit card. The majority of facilities today accept payment with WeChat. So do many taxi drivers, supermarkets, bars and other facilities that are up with the times and allow or even prefer payment via WeChat. How do you pay with WeChat? At this point your WeChat will recognize that this is a code for payment and ask you what amount of money to send and to that contact.

You write the amount, insert the password and send the money. From here on I will illustrate some of the most useful services accessible through your WeChat wallet. Recharging your cell phone credit has become really easy with WeChat! Once you have saved your number you no longer need to memorize it for each recharge or keep in mind which provider your sim belongs to.

Oppositely, withdrawing an amount, the sum you want will be transferred from your WeChat wallet to the bank account you have connected to WeChat. The arrival or withdrawal of money will be communicated to you through a message on WeChat within a few hours.

At this point you can move on to payment. After making your choice, choose the starting point and destination along with the date and make a search.

At times, with a foreign name or passport, you might run into problems moving forward with the purchase. When it comes to transportation, you can use your WeChat for more than just booking taxis and air and train tickets, but also for bike rentals. Depending on the bike service you choose, it will unlock the bike and the timer will start counting off the time of use determined by your payment.

Withdraw a Friend Request

Everyone in the use of WeChat, is not often encountered such a situation: some people want to add you as a friend, you receive a request to add a point to open a look, information tips show: from the address book friends". This should be an acquaintance ah? But you want to have a long time, still can not think of who she is?! Encounter this situation, most of you are in the "routine"! Because the person you do not know, is not what your friends, once a person or any life, work and study has ever met.

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That is the question. But do you really know know the differences between blocking and deleting someone? Read on to find out the 5 key differences plus 1 hot little trick. The vast majority of WeChat users have this set to on as in the picture below.

Rumors City

Bored with regular routines and looking for some friends to hangout? If you are living in China then WeChat will make that task easier for you. Searching known as well as unknot friends is easier in WeChat app. Here we will explain 11 ways to find friends in WeChat iPhone app. You can use similar methods to find friends in Android app also. If you know the WeChat id or phone number of a person, then enter it in the search box to find the person. Send a request to the person to add you as a friend and start discussing. You can tap on the person and send friend request to start a chat. Wanted to start a private discussion with the people nearby your location? You need to enter four digit passcode to create a new private group.

Where do I find my unconfirmed contact requests?

No immediate effect. If you send further messages, a new conversation is started on the other device, but it still looks like one continuous conversation on yours. Deletes their copy of the chat history and removes them from the group. The group continues to exist, and is not notified of their departure unless other members actively re-read the membership list. To really shut down a group, an administrator can remove each member from it.

WeChat is all this and much more.

After putting a lot of effort into registration WeChat account, you finally got your WeChat account. However, most of you might be confused on how to use WeChat? Where should I begin?

How to Use Wechat (or Weixin): The Complete Guide for Foreigners

The main reason for having a social network is keeping in touch with other people. That is the case with WeChat, at least. This Chinese social networking app functions quite differently compared to its competitors, making up for it with some interesting and complex capabilities.

Updated: September 6, Tech Tested. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

11 Ways to Find Friends in WeChat iPhone App

WeChat is a free messaging app with calls feature which allows user to easily connect with family and friends across the globe. There are many ways to add your friends in WeChat. In this tutorial, we will list down all the 7 ways to add your friends. Align the QR code within the frame to start scanning. However, you can manually add friends by using the phone number. WeChat have a unique feature where you can look around and make friends with people nearby. But be advised that once you enable this feature, other people around you would be able to find you as well, and they will be able to see your 10 latest photos on the album. If he or she adds you, you are then friends.

Nov 11, - Send a request to the person to add you as a friend and start discussing. 2. Friend Radar. Tap on “Friend Radar” and WeChat will show the.








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