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How to get a girl to follow you back on instagram

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With almost 10 years of blogging under her belt, Cathy shares all her tips and tricks on navigating the influencer industry and managing a small business. And what do I mean by cheating? I need a word for that. Some bloggers are addicted to these cheating ways and stressing about Instagram, almost like a drug. Why stoop to cheating to make yourself feel better? Is your brand really just an Instagram follower count?


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How To Attract A Girl Using Instagram (4 Proven Hacks)

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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase using our link. I am frequently asked about how I grew the We Are Travel Girls Instagram account and tips for other girls looking to do the same. I started the Instagram account in late before the dreaded Instagram algorithm so growth was a little easier back then, but many of the tips for Instagram growth remain the same.

The trekking is 6. We recommend you bring water, a hat and sunscreen. Go to our website to learn more about how you can get involved in the community!

When I first started the feature page I spent at least 3 hours per day on Instagram, and I am embarrassed to admit some days a lot more than that! I think this is the single most important thing that led to the success of the page. However, I probably still spend a couple of hours a day in total on the app.

Brand collaborations are a way of getting you and the brand exposure, often leading to them using your images and crediting back to you. Just be careful to only collaborate with brands you truly like and think your audience would relate to or be interested in. This is also a great place to ask questions and get advice. I suggest making a small group in the same genre as your primary focus. There are a lot of blogger groups where you can meet, engage with and in some cases with very strict rules!

These are a great platform to drive traffic to your website or social media pages. Instead of waiting to get noticed and featured on the WATG Instagram account, why not share you pictures, travel tips, questions and blog posts with a community of like minded girls?! Look for or set up your own meet ups with other bloggers in your field. This will help people find you and grow your network of engaged followers.

Again, Facebook is a great place to find out about meet ups. Take the time to write to them properly, with links to your social media and blog. I get a huge quantity of emails either requesting collaborations, to write for us or to the be featured on the Instagram. Simply being friendly with a short, clear description of what you are asking for can go a long way! You may get approached to do a guest post, but you will have better success by taking the initiative reaching out directly to the websites, blogs, magazines that you think you could write for and tell them why.

Obviously reposting images worked for We Are Travel Girls as it is solely a feature account, but you can do this occasionally on your personal account too. Most people want to be reposted as it sends traffic back to them and increases their exposure. However, make sure to credit appropriately and tag the person in the image! More often than not the person will see the tag and thank you on your post, driving additional traffic to your own page and creating goodwill among fellow Instagrammers.

Once you have a huge following you can ditch the 30 hashtags, but until then research which ones work for your genre and check out what other bloggers are using. If you really want to maximise, you can post your image, use 30 hashtags in a comment and then go back to your original text and add another 30 there too!

But even if you are snapping away on your iPhone, you should only post the best pictures and take the time to edit these. Lightroom will allow you to edit your photos using similar preset filters creating a cohesive style through your page.

Often you will find that they will reciprocate! Timing when you post can affect the engagement so you should select the best times to increase likelihood that your followers will see and engage with your post. Get to know your analytics with Instagram Insights. This helps you to understand which of your images resonate with your audience and new audiences, so you know what to share in the future. There is so much advice on how to grow you page, including what I am writing here, but you have to find what works for you and then once you do, do that more!

You are much more likely to stick with regular posting once you find a routine that works with your schedule.

For me, I found that doing posts during my morning and evening commute was a perfect way to pass the time on the tube. Remember, for most of us this is a hobby and not meant to be a second job, so be sure to find a method that you enjoy!

A little kindness goes a long way, so try to say thank you if someone features your picture. I am personally more likely to post a girl on We Are Travel Girls more than once if she acknowledges the post. I am not saying you must be eternally grateful and shower us with love when we post you, but it is really nice when I get a little message or a quick thanks for the feature on our page!

This applies to when people include you on their blogs or publish your material, so share the good news with your own followers by reposting the story and drop the author a quick email to say thanks.

I have made lots of connections with women around the world through Instagram and hope to meet more of them on my travels. People are incredibly receptive to direct contact and will take time to give you advice and offer their own tips on how to increase your followers. Wondering where to explore in Washington D. Union Market is one our top recommendations! You are greeted with beautiful murals in every alley. It is something about the feel of the city that reminds us that we are home, not to mention the food!

We love the local shops all around. Sunday is the best day to visit, no traffic. If you are looking to eventually earn money from your Instagram or do brand collaborations, why pay for your followers? They will not be engaged and your likes will be way too low compared to the number of followers. Some less savvy brands may not notice this, but the bigger, well known companies will look at your genuine engagement before agreeing to work with you.

A lot of people follow only to unfollow and say that it really works to gain more followers quickly. While this might be true at the very beginning of your account, your time would be much better spent genuinely engaging with accounts by making thoughtful comments on pictures.

It takes a lot of time and effort for people to take that perfect picture, so make sure they get the credit they deserve! Obviously we all want to get noticed, but commenting on every picture on someones account telling their followers to follow you can get annoying! This is especially true if you are a very similar page. If you really want to engage with that persons community, contact the account owner and see if there is a way to promote each others pages in an authentic way instead.

In addition, if the photo is attached to a blog post, take the time to read that post before making assumptions and commenting negatively. These programmes engage with people based on selected hashtags and users that you identify. I saw this happen to a very well know travel blogger which made it clear to me they were using these paid services. The latest way to gain followers is a looped giveaway done in collaboration with several other influencers.

The giveaway usually includes around people, and to enter the giveaway your followers must go through a loop of the influencers and follow them all until they arrive back at you.

My personal advice without having done any is absolutely do not do them — they mess up your demographics, it is essentially buying followers and it is frustrating for everyone else growing organically. Because of these types of methods of growth, the new normal will become K-1 million followers and the value of your audience drops because everyone will be at this level. Brands, PR companies and other businesses are getting wise to the methods used by bloggers and social media influencers to grow their following.

Platforms like Social Blade and IG Blade can show you very quickly if someone has used non organic methods to build their following. With over million active Instagram users per month there are plenty of followers to go around.

Accept that your account, style or photography may be imitated, but see this as a positive and not a negative. We hope that this article given you some food for thought on how to grow and engage your Instagram following. If you have any questions about Instagram or blogging, please leave them in the comments! This website is a free resource and to keep it free for our readers we may use affiliate links in our articles. If you make a purchase via the links on our site you will pay the same price, but we may receive a small percentage which helps us to keep bringing you new and informative travel content every day!

Any products we endorse we personally use and love. Please see our Disclosures for more information. Thank you for sharing this Becky.

Very wise words. I never thought of timing my instagram posts — but I will certainly give it a try and see how does it works for me. Thank you Andreia — glad you found the post useful and hope it helps you in the future! What a great article, Becky! I follow most of these and it has really helped to grow my following. However, I must agree that I really dislike all those who automatically follow you — only to unfollow a few hours later.

I saw a travel blogger, who I used to admire, follow and unfollow my account all the time… In the end, I got so annoyed that I just blocked her. But great article xx. Thanks so much Christina! I was already following you from my personal account and now from travel girls too.

Yes, the follow unfollow is hard. I followed too many people at the beginning and then missed out on seeing pictures from my favourite accounts so have been narrowing down who I follow, but i keep finding new great travel accounts!! Thank you so much Becky! Your suggestion to find like-minded people in the industry with which to engage is a great one. Thank you Morgan. Yes I think engaging in groups in your genre is key, it has really helped me to chat with other girls with travel blogs and also opens opportunities to work with one another in the future!

Great Tips! I will try these and see if I can get past followers! Thanks Cait!

A Gentleman’s Guide to Flirting on Instagram

You can still be flexible and post spontaneously as ideas come to you, but having a library of ideas and a tentative schedule will keep you ahead of the game instead of scrambling for something to post. Depending on your business, you could potentially post several times a day or several times a week. The more creative, original and captivating your photos are, the more likely people are to share and follow your account — so bring on the filters! Instagram also gives you insights into the age, gender, and location breakdown of your audience, which can be a starting point doing persona research. If you own a fitness studio and you take a group shot after a Zumba class, tag every single one of those people in the photo.

You can actually tell a lot about a guy based on what his Instagram posts and activity are about. His followers determine his ego.

Social Media. Have you been using Instagram for a while, yet only have a handful of followers to show for it? Do you rarely receive likes and comments on your photos? If so, these tips should help you steamroll through that plateau and create an Instagram profile to wow your audience.

22 Proven Ways to Get Instagram Followers

You pat yourself on the back, wash your face and jump into bed feeling like a SocialMediaQueen or King! When your alarm goes off the next morning, you rub the sleep out of your eye, reach for your phone and click open the Insta app to check the post. So, what the hell is it all about? In a nutshell where did that phrase even come from, by the way. A Nutshell… ermmm?! It might be a day, a week, four weeks. Now, let me just make ONE important differentiation here. And to be clear, I actually RECOMMEND that people genuinely connect with like-minded accounts — especially when they are just starting out and trying to grow their following of potential clients. You know those random comments you get on your picture that are completely un-genuine or just downright not relevant?

How To Date The Instagram Girl You’ve Never Met

Girls add guys on instagram who excite them. Exciting a girl can be done in an infinite number of ways. You have to evaluate what you do on a daily basis and use them to attract women on instagram. Women are attracted to guys who are adventurous. If you post bad quality of pictures, you will not get women to follow you….

The Message Game is about many things.

What if I told you… that there is a secret weapon that attracts multiple women while exerting as least effort as possible? Too good to be true, right? In this article, I will show you how to attract a girl using Instagram. As well as show you how Instagram provides you with wayyy more leverage to impress girls than the outdated, traditional ways.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

By the way, do you sometimes get stuck in online conversations? Very frustrating I created a bonus named The 10 Texts That Always Work , including my favorite text to send when I have gotten her number, an easy message to get her out on a date, and some witty lines to get the conversation going. Download it, it's completely free and easy to use.

Hi there! I'm Abby. I'm a traveling photographer, writer, and artist and I'm most passionate about using visual communication connecting people with the outdoors. I'm thrilled to partner with Liberty Bottles to create a special line of water bottles inspired by coastal Delaware. I hope you love these bottles as much as I do!

10 Tips for Solo Hiking

A half-generation ago, if you were romantically interested in someone, you did one of two things to fan the flame of their own ardor: You either flirted with them in person or flirted with them over the phone. How times have changed. A single friend of mine recently told me that his go-to, low-risk method of wooing is simply using social media. Yes, he has figured out how to properly flirt on Instagram. There are several non-creepy and even romantic ways to do it. If she doesn't follow back, that's pretty helpful information.

Dec 11, - based on data that you achieve with hardwork, make an answer yourself. last resort: after some times she post something, 'like' some of her older picture. it'll show  How to start talking to a girl on Instagram - Quora.

Thank God everything has become so much easier with social media. Even you can get the attention of the girl you like through it. One of the most highly used social media nowadays is Instagram. You can advertise yourself in any ways that you want, creating your own image, even become famous through Instagram. You can use the Instagram to get the attention from the girl you like as well.

How To Get Girls on Instagram: The Step-by-Step Guide

You created your Twitter account, followed some accounts in your niche, and started writing your first few tweets. By Lauren Dugan. No profile picture.

How do I get more girls to follow me on instagram?

My whole account is essentially a thirst trap, a term I use broadly and colloquially here. Be careful with emojis, though. Negging falls under the creepy category for me.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Instagram recently announced it reached million users! But in order to expedite this growth , I find it helpful to establish a regiment, a routine. Want More Traffic? Recently, I developed a focused strategy to help one of my clients—a B2C e-commerce brand—to curate a massive following 25, to be exact. For more information on building your Instagram following quickly, be sure to check out another article I wrote on the subject.

Why I Don’t Follow Bloggers That Cheat Their Way To The Top On Instagram


These 10 Tips Will Help You Get Noticed on Instagram


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