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How to get a girlfriend in 5th grade wikihow

Updated: January 16, References. Fifth grade is a little early for long-term romance. However, if you fancy a girl and would like simple dates together, or just to form a really good friendship, here are some ideas to help you encourage a girl to like you enough to want to spend time with you. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account.

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Updated: March 28, References. Approaching a girl when you're in fifth grade can be a tough thing to do. There is the stress of not knowing what to do, how she will respond, and the fear of rejection. Fortunately, there are things you look out for to tell if she likes you, and steps you can take to make sure that you approach her with confidence.

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Together, they cited information from 9 references. Learn more Explore this Article Making the Approach. Approaching a Girl in School. Approaching a Girl in Social Situations. Related Articles. Method 1 of Smile and make eye contact to get her attention. Eye contact and smiling are signals that indicate that you are interested in someone else. Other signs that she may like you is if keeps looking into your direction or plays with her hair when she's looking at you.

Just look at her long enough for her to notice. Walk up to the girl with confidence. Keep your shoulders back and your posture straight while you maintain your smile.

Doing this will show the girl that you feel confident in your actions and may make her more receptive to talking to you. Don't slouch, look scared, or look unsure. Walk slowly, deliberately, and with confidence. It's easier to approach a girl if you know who she is or have interacted with her in the past. If she's talking to someone else, wait until their conversation is over before walking up to her.

Introduce yourself and ask her a question. If you haven't interacted with the girl in the past, she may not know your name. Make sure that you introduce yourself, then ask her a question to get the conversation started. Good questions include "Are you having a good day?

Say something like "My favorite artist is Drake. Who do you like? Don't try to force the conversation. Once the conversation dies down, go and do something else. If she doesn't want to talk to you, she may just be nervous. In both cases, walk away and then try to talk to her again in the future. If you aren't good at maintaining a conversation, that's okay, because chances are the girl you'll be talking to will have a lot to say. The more you listen and allow her to talk, the more likely she will want to talk to you in the future.

Don't interject or try to speak over her. Don't be overbearing with advice if she asks you for it. Suggest what you think is best, but say "It's up to you in the end. Find a good time to talk to her. If you go to the same school as a girl, you may have a chance to approach them during lunch or recess. If you have the same teachers, see if you can speak to them before or after class.

If none of your classes are the same, then try to catch them in the hallway between classes or at other events that your school is hosting. If you play the same sport, see if you can talk to her before or after practice. Take opportunities to be in the same group for classroom assignments or projects.

Don't expect it to be a long conversation when you first start talking to a girl. Start with short talks until she feels comfortable with you. Talk about things that she finds interesting. Try to find common interests with the girl. It could be a video game, music, cartoon, show, movie, or comic book character that you both like.

If you can find a shared interest, you'll have a lot more to talk about. Try to notice things about what she owns and wears. For instance, if she has a shirt with her favorite show, then you'll know what kind of shows she's interested in.

Don't be upset if she doesn't want to talk to you. Fifth grade is a hard year for both girls and boys. Girls are usually undergoing changes physically and emotionally, so it's important you try to see things from their perspective. It just means that she prefers other things. Try to find another girl to approach if the one that you like is giving you the cold shoulder. Try to be funny and don't be too serious. An excellent way to put someone at ease is to be funny.

If people know that you're a funny person, it won't be as stressful for the girl if you approach her. This is particularly the case in situations that would otherwise be awkward or tense. If you can make a girl laugh at your jokes, it will make approaching her feel much less stressful.

Method 2 of Get her attention during class. You can say "hello" in the morning or make eye contact during class to get her attention. The point is for her to notice you, so that when you approach her it's not awkward because she already knows who you are.

Also, making eye contact with her will show that you're interested in becoming friends. Don't stare at them because it could be considered creepy or rude. Pass her a note or leave it in her locker.

If you feel nervous and anxious about approaching her and you just can't do it, then it might be a good idea to pass her a note or leave it in her locker. Make sure to include a way for her to contact you, like email address or phone number, and let her know that you want to be friends. Keep in mind that she may be nervous too. If she doesn't respond to the note, you might have to approach her. If you want to be safe, don't make the note romantic.

It might come off the wrong way and scare her off. Talk about being friends at first. Wait for the right time to avoid getting in trouble. Talking to her or passing her a note at the wrong time could get you both in trouble, which is a terrible way to start things off. Don't talk to her while your teacher is instructing or any other time that you should be silent.

Wait for times where you're allowed to talk, like during lunch or recess, to start a conversation. Your note can say something like "Hey Jessica, I think you're cool and noticed you're into Drake. Would you want to hang out anytime and listen to his new album? Talk to one of her friends.

Many girls in fifth grade tend to a have a lot of good friends, so you can talk to one of them before approaching the girl. Be aware that in fifth-grade girls care about social cliques in school. Consider who the girl's friends are, and if they like you before talking to them. Say something like, "Hey, you know your friend Anna? I think she's cool. Do you think she would want to talk to me? Ask an aid if you can sit next to her during lunch.

Most kids in fifth grade still have assigned seats. If this is the case, ask if you can get your seat switched to sit next to her for the day.

Updated: March 4, References. You want a girlfriend, but you don't how to get one. That's ok. These steps will help you pick the right girl, and then get her to be your girlfriend.

Updated: March 28, References. Approaching a girl when you're in fifth grade can be a tough thing to do.

Updated: February 6, References. If you're reading this, chances are you're at the stage in life where you're starting to see girls in new, and exciting but sometimes frustrating ways. After all, now that you have these feelings, what should you do with them? It might be a girl has already caught your eye. If that's true, then how should you go about showing your feelings for her?

Girls at this age can be different than other girls in private school or who are home-schooled. Public school girls are sometimes more dramatic and lack self-confidence in looks and personality. Here are a few tips to get these girls to like you. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

Updated: April 13, References. Getting a girlfriend can be hard — especially in middle school. Many girls and guys go through rapid physical and emotional changes in middle school and are still on the way to figuring out who they are and what makes them happy. If you want to get a girlfriend in middle school, then it's likely that you and the girl don't have a lot of relationship experience.

Asking a girl out in the fifth grade can be a little bit intimidating because most people your age haven't started seriously dating yet. This may be your first try at a relationship, but relax and know that it's most likely the girl's first time, too, and that you're both likely to be a little nervous about it.

So it's happened. You're in 5th grade and you've suddenly felt the need to get a girlfriend. How do you get one though?

Updated: April 26, Reader-Approved. Ever feel like you are being ignored? How about being treated differently?

Updated: February 10, References. Do you have a crush on a person in 5th grade and aren't sure how to get them to like you without being creepy or embarrassed? Here is just the thing for you! Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account.


Apr 13, - But don't worry — if you want to get a girlfriend in middle school, all you have to do is flirt with her a bit, make her feel special, and ask her out.








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