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Meet husband vedic astrology

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Settling for anything less than you deserve is completely out of the question! When we are talking about aged spouse, it means the age difference between wife and husband will be more than normal. Read: They are great in sexual activities and their partners love it. Well-placed 7th lord in Fiery signs will give a spouse with a balanced approach towards life, the same time they will have high moral values. Well, now we have the answers!

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When will you fall in love?

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Everyone wants to experience love. Everyone wants to be in love. Everyone wants to know how and when love will happen for them. If you know your Venus sign and where Venus lives in your chart, you can get an idea of what type of romantic partner will make you fall head over heels and even the circumstances you could meet under.

One personal example…many astrologers claim that Aquarians might find love online. That never really resonated with me, but I decided to test the waters after a couple of Aquarius friends successfully found Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now on dating apps. Well, if you want an idea of how that went, see the attached screenshot. Um, no. But why? I should love this shit, right? This is how you use astrology as a tool. So what about you? This is what type of romantic partner will make you swoon.

It could be someone who has planets in the sign or someone that really exhibits the characteristics of this sign. Someone that enjoys winning, or has a strong competitive streak.

Someone that can keep up with you. Someone with a Taurus Venus will appreciate a partner that appreciates like fine wine. Someone who has the ability to accumulate material and emotional security over time. Someone who might be a little on the luxurious side. You might also be attracted to partners that can build things — whether that be a physical structure or a financial empire. You want someone who can listen to your endless stories and then chime in with their own similar experience.

Better yet, you want someone who will create and tell stories with you. You seek partners that you can build a home with. Someone with similar values and morals. Someone who is sensitive to emotions and their environment. Yu want someone who is in tune with themselves and the people around them. LEO — Your dream partner would be a movie star. Someone in the spotlight. Whoever the sun seems to shine the brightest on is who will catch your eye. You could also be attracted to health or fitness-minded individuals.

Someone with a regular gym routine, or who follows a strict diet. Seek out someone who makes to-do lists, or who has a daily ritual. A worker bee. This is your person! Someone who might steal your soul during the night.

You want someone who is trying to solve some old mystery. Someone who sees ghosts. Someone with a dark side. You might like the idea of someone with power, or being with someone who makes you feel powerful.

Like a Gemini Venus, a Sag Venus will need someone who can talk. Someone who they can both teach and learn from. Someone who loves to travel. Someone who they can learn a foreign language with. Someone who will push their mind beyond its boundaries. You are turned on by goals and ambition. You want someone who can provide emotional and financial stability.

Someone who is disciplined and will see a project through to the end despite Capricorn being a cardinal sign. Someone to discuss aliens and quirky ideas with. Someone not quite from this world. Someone as eccentric and goofy as you are.

You just want to know there is someone in this world that you can be weird with. However, you will want someone that you can dream with. That you can float away with. Someone who will lay in bed and listen to music all night with you. Secondly, look to what house Venus is in. This gives a hint to what conditions you might meet your SO under. This can also be an area where your one-on-one relationships naturally flourish.

You might be at the grocery store. You might be giving a presentation. But love could be a chance meeting. Maybe around the time you purchase a home or a car. Perhaps you meet them at the bank. They could be at your estate sale. Or maybe someone that you meet through family, especially your Mom. Other places? The movies, a concert, a sporting event, working with kids or even gambling Vegas, anyone? Do you hit the gym daily?

Look there. Take a certain route home? Actually, your partner will probably find you. Maybe at a dinner party, work event. Something where a RSVP might be required. You could also meet them somewhere strange like a hospital or cemetery. Perhaps traveling in another country. Learning a language. Studying a new religion.

Also likely that you could meet your partner while at University. Maybe even at work. This relationship could also affect your career. OR, you might carry on a long-distance or online relationship. Where else might you meet? Perhaps through an organization you both belong to, or through mutual friends. Perhaps your relationship is taboo for some reason.

Or you could meet while volunteering at a mental hospital or homeless shelter. If you want to dig deeper, email me about booking a session at paigeastro gmail. Interested in learning more about how you can work with your natal chart? Sign in. When will you fall in love? Paige Steele Follow. PaigeAstro As above, so below. Astrology Happenings. Love Venus Pisces Capricorn Gemini. PaigeAstro Follow.

As above, so below. Write the first response. More From Medium. Related reads.

Spouse Search For Marriage Ends Here

Everyone wants to experience love. Everyone wants to be in love. Everyone wants to know how and when love will happen for them. If you know your Venus sign and where Venus lives in your chart, you can get an idea of what type of romantic partner will make you fall head over heels and even the circumstances you could meet under.

We use best of our skills, contacts, social media sources. My 2 decades practice of Indian Vedic Astrology reveals that in many cases, we are ourselves responsible for this delay in marriage. This happens because our own parameters or perception looking for spouse are too extraordinarily high.

For Predicting about your Life Partner in astrology, your date of birth and time will be required. You have to use of some Principle of Vedic astrology. Using these Principles in your Horoscope, You will be able to Know a Lot of information about your future spouse. I will try to give you information about how you can use this method for Future Wife prediction or Future husband Prediction from your date of birth and time. You can read them for to know what is stored in your Future.

place of meeting of spouse vedic astrology

There is a passion for everyone to know about their love life, that where will my soul mate come from and I will get my true love or not? This is the most wanted subject in astrology as well. Age is not even a bar. There are people who married during the second half of life. There are many relations in our life. We have karmic debt with so many people and they will come to our life during different time period. There are people who destined for more than one spouse. For some people, there is only one spouse. Astrology can give you a lot of information regarding your love life.

When Will I Find True Love or not? Explore with Love Astrology!

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He prodive complete and detailed life prediction by date of birth free, free astrology life predictions and free life predictions by date of birth. Astrology is a common one which also choose to make our future bright by some common astrologies Famous Indian Astrologer in Sydney Professional Astrologer in Sydney Top Astrologer in Sydney.

The 7th house of the astrology chart deals with your spouse. It will be ruled by a sign. Every sign is ruled by each planet. The planets ruled by each sign are given below:.

Know the time to meet your life partner-Love Astrology Prediction

Please try our software: Find Spouse. Its designed to help those who don't know how to read or interpret a horoscope. Due to overwhelming popularity of the article, it has been added in video format. Please visit: Finding Future Spouse Video for more information.

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Astrology can help us in predicting the best-suited career options which one should select in future, which job will be the best for the person, marriage and a lot more. Astrology can provide you with the answers to all these questions by determining the location of different planets in your birth chart. Astrologers can provide us with the answer to this question by predicting the circumstances in which you will be meeting your spouse in future by determining the location of the planets in your birth chart. If we wish to know the circumstances in which we will be meeting our future husband or wife, the two planets which play a major role in determining this are Venus and Jupiter. If you are a male, you need to look for where the Venus is located in your birth chart and if you are a female, then you need to look for the position of Jupiter in your birth chart. The house of Jupiter and Venus can help you to determine the circumstances in which you will be meeting your spouse.

Know your Spouse through Birth Chart

Therefore you can use the when will i meet my life partner astrology in your life. She may be living in same house or apartment or in close vicinity. When will i meet my spouse vedic astrology. We astrologers often face this question from the unmarried girls who will be my husband according to astrology or how to know about my future husband through astrology. Now we will discuss some basic principles to determine the type of spouse and spouse characteristics in vedic astrology.

Jan 15, - There are high chances of meeting your future spouse in your own The horoscope house and astrological sign decide where you could Also recite the mantras for getting a good wife/husband mentioned in: Vedic Mantras.

From the previous post, we have understood all the traits required for understanding partners qualities and able to know all the people who are eligible or not for marriage bond. The relationship of the lord of Upapada with the Lagna lord will determine whether the relationship or marriage will mature or not. This would also indicate delays, hurdles or unknown troubles occurring in married life many a time mostly denies the marriage. Same way if Venus is placed in UL, the spouse would be romantic, Passionate, beautiful and artistic and sensual in nature.







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