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With encouragement from one of her managers, she took up rapping, and has released a pair of mixtapes that mold her off-the-cuff verve and improvised bon mots into something stickier. The song rose to No. The white rapper Iggy Azalea reached No. But no female rapper has moved as quickly from street hit to chart topper, an assertive reframing of the pathways typically available to them. Guided by the blunt doom-and-gloom beat — produced by J White — she works in a palpable rhythm of inhale and exhale, making for an entrancing rhythm.

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Money Moves: How the Cardi B Empire Got Built

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Um Yea (feat. Quality Control & Offset)

It was written and recorded by Cardi B and produced by J. It was released on June 16, , by Atlantic Records as the lead single from her debut studio album Invasion of Privacy The beat for "Bodak Yellow" was created by Jermaine "J. White Did It" White, a producer from Dallas.

In February , she signed her first major label record deal with Atlantic Records. Her debut single for Atlantic, titled "Bodak Yellow", reached number one on the US Billboard Hot chart, making her the second-ever female rapper to do so with a solo output, following Lauryn Hill in The single was included on her debut studio album Invasion of Privacy

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How Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow’ Took Over the Summer

New York City officials encourage all New Yorkers to take the census from their home today by visiting mycensus. The PSA features Cardi B emphasizing how the census is safe, easy to fill out, and vital for New Yorkers to make their voices heard and their communities counted, and touting the online options for filling out the census. If New Yorkers take a few minutes to self-respond now from the safety and security of their own homes, they will avoid a knock on their door during the door-to-door enumeration period over the summer. While the U. Census Bureau has delayed their field outreach by two weeks, by filling out the census now, you are ensuring that no Census Bureau workers will need to visit your home later this summer. This year, we have the power to decide our city's future not just for the next four years but for the next ten," Cardi B says in the new PSA. If our city is undercounted, we risk being underrepresented, especially our communities of color. The census is now more accessible than ever, and it can be completed without leaving the home or coming into contact with any other person. The census determines whether New York City receives its fair share of hundreds of billions distributed by the federal government every year for important programs and services.

Cardi B’s US Census Campaign PSA is a whole mood

Money bag, money bag, money bag Bitch, I'm lookin' like a money bag, yeah Money bag woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo Cardi. Lookin' like money bag, money bag, money bag, uh Money bag, money bag, money bag, yeah Money bag, money bag, money bag, uh Money bag, money bag, money bag He can tell from the front I got ass behind me And I park my Bentley truck on my Versace driveway. Lookin' like money bag, money bag, money bag, uh Money bag, money bag, money bag, yeah Money bag, money bag, money bag, woo Money bag, money bag, money bag And my bitches with me pretty too, they look like bridesmaids And they all bloody gang, so don't be talkin' sideways. He said I'm protein thick, you look like a dope fiend, sis He make sure he put Cardi down on his grocery list Now why this bitch tryna look on my Snap? I take your man and I won't give him back I just walk into the booth and attack I hit this grind, the roof gon' collapse.

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Cardi B at the Grammys. Our relationship was so new breaking up and making up and we had a lot of growing to do but we was so in love we didn't want to lose each other, was one morning in September we woke up and decided to get married. We found someone to marry us, and she did, just the two of us and my cousin.

Bodak Yellow

The story ends in present day with Cardi teaming up with Pepsi to gift cash forward to all this holiday season. People who gift cash for the holidays get a bad reputation for being lazy and thoughtless — but not only are they winning for skipping endless retail lines and the possibility of gifting a future return, but they are giving people the power to buy what they actually want. Pepsi knows cash is the best gift you can give or get, that's why this year the brand is celebrating those unapologetic cash givers, by giving them - and everyone - one more way to gift it forward.

We havin' a check by the way Huh, woo woo woo You feel me? You dig Shit look easy, know what I mean Hey. Don't I look like I'm the shit lil' nigga? Look at my motherfuckin' wrist lil' nigga Thought you had hits but you missed lil' nigga Why you keep starin' at my bitch lil' nigga? You little niggas keep gossiping You should go work for the blogs and them Don't fuck with the gang, they the opposite Pop at them niggas, apocalypse Um yeah, you cannot stop it Run up that bag, we gon' go get a profit Um yeah, this no Monopoly But we got colorful money and property Um yeah, what's in your pocket?

Cardi B lyrics

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Cardi B Money. #cardi b #money. Letra. Look, my ****es all bad, my niggas all real. I ride on his dick in some big tall heels. Big fat checks, big large bills. Front.

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Cardi B - Money


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